Chapters in Edited Books
Joy Schaverien PhD is a Jungian analyst, psychotherapist and supervisor with a private practice in Rutland in the East Midlands, UK. Joy writes and lectures extensively on a varied group of topics including psychoanalysis, gender in psychotherapy, art and psychoanalysis and the psychological effects of boarding school. Boarding School Syndrome describes common symptoms suffered by those affected by early boarding. Originator of the term her new book is to be published by Routledge in June 2015. Based on extensive research with ex-boarders, in psychotherapy and in semi-structured interviews, it depicts the enduring psychological effects of this trauma.
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Chapters in Edited Books

Full list of chapters in Edited books

2009 ‘Gender and Sexuality: Imaginal, Erotic Encounters’
In Jungian Analysis
edited by Murray Stein Third edition

2007 ‘Active Imagination and Countertransference Enchantment: Space and Time within the analytic frame’ in Dreaming the Myth Onward
edited by Huskinson, L. ( Routledge)

2006 ‘Transference and the Meaning of touch: the body in psychotherapy with the client who is facing death’
in About a Body: Working with the embodied mind in Psychotherapy
Corrigal, J. Payne, H. Wilkinson, H.
edited by London Brunner/ Routledge

2005 ‘The Arts Therapies’ (with Helen Odell-Miller)
in Oxford Textbook of Psychotherapy Oxford University Press

2003 ‘The embodiment of desire’
in The Feminine Case: Jung, Women’s Language and the Creative Discourse
edited by Adams,T. & Duncan,A. London: Karnac

2002 ‘Supervising the Erotic Transference and Countertransference’
in Supervision: a Practice in Search of a Theory
edited by Wiener Duckham, Mizen: London: Palgrave/Macmillan

2002 ‘The psychological feminine and contrasexuality in analytical psychology’ in Controversies in Analytical Psychology
edited by Withers, R. London & New York: Routledge/ Taylor Francis

2001 ‘Art and analytical psychology’ in Where Analysis Meets the Arts
edited by Searle Y. & Streng,I. London: Karnac

2000 ‘Jungian Analytical Psychology’ entry
in Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy
edited by Feltham,C. and Horton,I London & USA Sage
‘The triangular relationship and the aesthetic countertransference in analytical art psychotherapy’ in The Changing Shape of Art Therapy
edited by Gilroy,A. & McNeilly,G (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

1999 ‘Commentary on Psychodynamic Section’
in Approaches to Art Therapy: Theory and Technique,
2nd edition, edited by Rubin, J. Pennsylvania, USA: Brunner/ Mazel

1999 ‘The alchemy of art in analysis’
in Images, Meanings and Connections:Essays in Memory of Susan R. Bach
edited by Goldstein, R. Switzerland: Daimon Verlag

1998 ‘Art within the Analytic Relationship’ Destruction and Creation: Personal and Cultural Transformations: Proceedings of the XIV International Congress For Analytical Psychology
edited by Mattoon, M.A., Einsiedeln: Daimon Verlag

1998 ‘The scapegoat: Jewish experience and art psychotherapy groups’
in Art Therapy Race and Culture
edited by Campbell,J. et al London: Jessica Kingsley

1998 ‘Inheritance:Jewish identity, art psychotherapy workshops and the legacy of the Holocaust’
in edited by Doktor, D Arts Therapists, Refugees and Migrants –Reaching Across Borders London
: Jessica Kingsley

1998 ‘Jung the transference and the psychological feminine’
in Feminisms and Psychotherapies
edited by Seu,B. & Heenan, C. London: Sage

1994The picture as a transactional object in the treatment of Anorexia’
in Arts Therapies Eating Disorders
edited by Doktor, D. London: Jessica Kingsley

1994 ‘Researching the esoteric: art therapy research’
in Art & Music: Therapy and Research
edited by Gilroy, A. & Lee,C. London & New York: Routledge

1993 ‘The retrospective review of pictures: data for research’
in Handbook of Inquiry in the Arts Therapies: One River Many Currents
edited by Payne,H. London: Jessica Kingsley

1989 ‘The picture within the frame’ in Pictures at an Exhibition
edited by Gilroy, A. & Dalley,T. London & New York: Tavistock/Routledge